Smart Metering - WG 2018-5



Pushed by the goals of the European Union in the field of electricity metering, so called “smart meter” will be rolled out all over Europe during the next decade. While the main application of these meters - provided by the metering companies - is the automatization of electricity metering processes themselves, the comprehensive smart meter roll-out offers new possibilities for the distribution grid operators, too. The extensive collection of (real-time) data especially calls for using them to optimize the processes in the field of planning, control and operation of distribution grids.



The Working Group should consist of representatives of grid operating companies to identify the relevant processes to be improved by smart metres as well as experts from vendors of smart meters to match the processes according to meter functionalities.

In detail the Working Group should handle the following tasks :

  • Analyse ongoing smart meter roll-out projects all over Europe to identify common/ minimum/maximum smart meter functionalities, the smart meter infrastructure including the telecom network and data management systems, as well as lessons from the projects.
  • Analyse distribution grid operators’ processes to be potentially improved in the categories
  • distribution grid planning
  • distribution grid operation
  • distribution grid control
  • Define and describe the main use-cases (process-optimizations) achieved by smart meters and metering infrastructure in distribution grid companies p.e. processes related to load flow calculations and prognosis by load curves, power quality monitoring, fault location.
  • Analyse the trade-off between process optimizations in the main use-cases and the smart meters functionalities and metering infrastructure resp. the costs.
  • Identify opportunities to improve the smart metering functionalities and technical specification.


Convener :

Brunner Helfried, Austrian Institute of Technology - Austria
Andreas Abart, Netz OOE GmbH Distribution System Operator - Austria

Members :            

Arzuaga Txetxu, ZIV - Spain
Brun Sébastien, Enedis - France
Finkel Michael, Hochschule Augsburg - Germany
Hubschneider Sebastian, KIT Karlsruher Institute of Technology - Germany
Jensen Peter, EDF - France
Kammerdiener Leo, Energie-Control - Austria
Martínez Cristina, ZIV - Spain
Masayuki Oyama, The Kansai Electric Power - Japan
Sahoo Subrat Kumar, ABB - Sweden
Santa Filho Joselino, EDP Brasil - Brazil
Stefanidou Ifigeneia, ETHZ - Austria
Yehezkel Gavriel, Ministry of Defense - Israel
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