Microgrids in interconnected and islanded modes - WG 2018-3



Microgrids may offer a number of important advantages for the end-user and for the network utility. They have an impact on the way distribution systems are controlled, operated and protected. Proper technical solutions have to be designed to allow microgrids to bring the expected benefits to the various stakeholders, while making sure there is no negative impact on the overall cost base, power quality and person safety.
Specific technical challenges may arise with microgrids mostly or fully based on power electronics interfaced distributed generators.


The working group will cover issues related to both isolated microgrids (i.e. those that only function in an islanded mode), and embedded microgrids (i.e. those which can be operated either while connected to the surrounding power system or while islanded)

The working group will investigate the following issues :

  • Frequency control and voltage regulation,
  • Protection and safety issues, including network protection solutions for microgrids with low short circuit currents,
  • Black start capabilities
  • The design of control systems able to face the requirements of both islanded and interconnected operation and during transitions between the two modes

Convener :
Debusschere Vincent, G2ELab - Grenoble INP - France

Members :            

Alonso Palacios Noemi, Iberdrola Distribución - Spain
André Ricardo, EDP Distribuição - Portugal
Bento Rui Miguel, DAPR - Portugal
Buchner Matthias, University of Stuttgart - Germany
Cupelli Marco, Rolls Royce Power Systems - Germany
Druml Gernot, Sprecher Automation GmbH - Germany
El Akoum Ali, EDF R&D - France
Friese Mark, TNEI - United Kingdom
Green Timothy, Energy Futures Lab - UK
Hrouda Josef, EGC-EnerGoConsult CB - Czech Republic
Khederzadeh Motjaba - Iran
Kula Jan, CEZ Distribuce - Czech Republic
Léciagueçahar Yorick, ICE - France
Majumder Ritwik, ABB - Sweden
Mandelli Stefano, CESI - Italy
Marter Carsten, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH - Germany
Moreira Carlos, INESC TEC - Portugal
Morild Ulrika, Vattenfall - Sweden
Sigrist Lukas, Universidad Pontificia Comillas - Spain
Utrilla Bustamante Maria, G2ELab - Grenoble INP - France
Wu Ming, Power Distribution Department of China Electric Power Research Institute - China
Zaldumbide Mikel, ORMAZABAL - Spain
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