Digital Primary Substation - WG 2020-4



The Primary substation is one of the most important components of electric distribution grids and the control and automation functions implemented in these substations are vitally important to the stability of the overall system. Substations are now evolving from the traditional concept of protection and control to fully digital solutions, including station-bus and process-bus scanning, asset management tools and cybersecurity. The digitalization of substations is a decisive step toward the transformation of energy systems for the low carbon future.


The scope proposed for the working group is to identify benefits and opportunities of the digital primary substation, including:
- Ethernet based communication;
- Introduction of Process-Bus;
- Asset management support (monitoring of components, condition assessment, predictive maintenance);
- Integrated Engineering (a single master data set);
- Cybersecurity;
- Smart grid automation and protection;
- Qualit of Supply impact;
- IoT integration to foster:
  o Condition Base Maintenance (CBM);
  o Reactive to Proactive Operation Intelligence & Analytics 
The proposed approach would include a review of existing state-of-the-art, gaps and emerging trends analysis of relevant:
- Standards;
- Technology;
- Use Cases;
- Business Cases;
- Etc

Convener :

Belavić Fredi, Austrian Power Grid, Austria

Members :

Brunhofer Andreas, Sprecher Automation GmbH, Austria
Caire Raphael, Grenoble INPG, France
Coste Thierry, EDF R&D, France
Cristobal Carlos, UFD, Spain
Csatár János,  BME, Hungary
Fatah Mohamed Ahmed Abdel, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, Egypt
Haslinger Stefan, Schubert Elektroanlagen GmbH, Austria
Hwangbo Seung Wook, Hyundai Electric Energy & System, Korea
Jansen Fons, Enexis Groep, Netherlands
Johnsson Anders, Vattenfall, Sweden
LE Trung Dung, Centrale Supélec, France
Legris Pierre-Yves, Schneider Electric, France
Lesur Frédéric, Nexans, France
Mamdouh Attia Sherief Mohamed, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Co., Egypt
Melo Hugo, EDP Distribuição, Portugal
Momtaz Saad Alkhouly, Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, Egypt
Pejcinoski Alex, Jemena Electricity Network, Australia
Perrin Nicolas, Enedis, France
Pritchard Christopher, Omicron electronics GmbH, Austria
Ragab Abdellatief Ali Hassan, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, Egypt
Trentler Klaus, Schneider Electrics, Austria
Vaikundan Kopeeswaran, Jemena Ltd. Melbourne, Australia
Wilksch Bradley John, ElectraNet Pty Ltd, Australia