Operation flexibility - WG 2023-1



Recent changes in the global political landscape, impacting energy and food security, have made the integration of DGs, especially rooftop PV, imperative, as they only occupy land already in use. The transmission and distribution networks face significant challenges, many of which are constrained by rigid rules in the grid code, which in turn limit further integration of DGs. The reliable and secure operation of T&D networks with a large share of distributed and renewable energy sources is likely to involve further use of novel, innovative methods.
This WG will identify and summarise the methods already in use and under consideration.


This working group will focus on an overview of the current distribution system operation and innovative solutions to overcome the existing challenges.
Convener :
Ilo Albana, TU Wien, Austria

Members :

Abdel-Shafy Mohammed Radwan Ali, Middle Egytp DisCo, Egypt
Alvarez Perez Manuel, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
Baraffe Héloise, EDF R&D, France
Bećirović Elvisa, JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Catrinque Martins Pamela, Enedis, France
Cho Seongsoo, KEPCO Research Institute, South Korea
Corsi Niccolò, E-Distributzione, Italy
Couto Mario, EPRI Europe DAC, Ireland
Darwish Elham Mohamed Moustafa ,North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company, Egypt
Ehnberg Jimmy, Chalmers University, Sweden
Ferrero Simone, E-Distributzione, Italy
Gábor Mihály Péter, E.ON, Hungary
Hubert Tanguy, EPRI, USA
Hussien El-Desouki Said Eman, North Delta Electricity Company, Egypt
Kalt Gerald, E-Control, Austria
Kovačević Goran, CEDIS doo, Montenegro
Kucera Michal, Czech Republic
Kulmala Anna, ABB, Finland
Lesny Andreas, Bayernwerk Netz GmbH, Germany
Lozizcky Sebastian, Siemens, Austria
Mäki Kari, VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland
Malot Alain, Schneider Electric, France
Petit Marc, Centrale Supelec, France
Podbelšek Igor, Power Research Institute Milan Vidmar Electric, Slovenia
Richardson Peter, EPRI Europe DAC, Ireland
Ruhhütl Martin, KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH, Austria
Sosnowski Lukasz, ONET, Poland
Turha Boris, Elektro Ljubljana d.d., Slovenia
Uusipaasto Matti, Caruna, Finland
Varga Viktória Alexandra, E.ON, Hungary
Voumvoulakis Emmanuel, HEDNO, Greece
Wang Yu, Chongqing University, China
Wende-von Berg Sebastian, Fraunhofer IEE, Germany
Wong Peter, Eagles Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd, Australia
Zangiabadi Mansoureh, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Zhang Shenxi, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China