Non-Technical Losses - WG 2024-1




Non-technical losses (NTL) are a complex key issue for any DSO, even tough there isn´t a common practice of sharing specific information, whether it is overall performance, operational procedures or organizational approach (governance).
Due to the undergoing process of metering technology transformation, most centered on operational efficiency, a set of opportunities arise regarding non-technnical losses mitigation, despite context differences, including regulation frameworks.
Increasing capacity on energy flows measurement across the network, aligned with smart meters event data collection, allows greater accuracy on determining its scale and promotes better conditions for concerted operational action, supported by an analytical platform.


This working group (WG) will develop a benchmark focusing on best practices, use cases and trends involving governance, the detection throught data processing and on-field strategies to support the mitigation of non-technical losses.
The objectives of this WG are:
• to promote the characterization of NTL across different contexts, by encouraging to share information between DSO, to better understand how different companies and stakeholders address this complex issue,
• to determine a common set of representative indicators for NTL and
• review previous work (CIRED Working Group in 2017 “Reduction of Technical and Non Technical Losses in Distribution Networks”) and design an efficient NTL mitigation roadmap, from both analytical and on-field perspective, based on the increasing update of metering infrastructure, growth of processing capabilities (eg. through cloud computing) and new operational tools.
Conveners :
Terras Marques Pedro, E-Redes, Portugal
Ferreira Paulo, E-Redes, Portugal

Members :

Cappuccio Francesco, CESI, Italy
El-senduny Shereen Fouad Mahmood, Egyptian Electricity Holding Company, Egypt
Hurka Miroslav, CEZ Distribuce, Czech Republic
Keroles Helmy Youssef, Middle Egypt Electricity Distribution Company, Egypt
Magnusson Sara, Ellevio AB, Sweden
Milašinović Zoran, Elektrodistribucija Srbije, Serbia
Openshaw David, Millhouse Power, United Kingdom
Podbelšek Igor, Elektroinštitut MilanVidmar, Slovenia
Pulice Miguel, EDENOR, Argentina
Sror Tarek Mohamed Hussein Mohamed, Cairo Electricity Distribution Company, Egypt
Stajner David, E.ON Group, Czech Republic
Suman-Bretas Arturo, G2ELab-GINP, France
Vachon Thierry, Enedis, France
Veli Tom, LCP Delta, United Kingdom
Yang Fan, State Grid Shanghai Institute of Electric Sciences, China
Žarkić Igor, HEP-Distribution System Operator Ltd, Croatia