ground screen power cable connections



Severe service failures due to improper laminate and ground screen connections of power cables are today still occurring in the distribution and transmission networks. Such failures
are often associated with very high costs, interruption of delivered power and even personnel safety issues when the cable failure occurs in a substation. As the cable and accessories are often delivered separately by different manufacturers, the compatibility of different designs is also in question. This is generally not covered in the installation manuals.
Catastrophic failures are often located close to power cable accessories such as joints and terminations, but have also occurred at random positions along the cable route. Today no qualification tests or standard exist for ground screen connection systems. The actual ampacity of the metallic ground screen connection systems is therefore generally not known or assessed.
Information from analysis of failed cable systems, test reports and on-going research projects will be used to propose qualification test procedures for metallic ground screen connections in joints and terminations. This can later be used by suppliers and distribution system operators to assess the ampacity in existing and new ground screen connection designs as well as the combination of accessories and cables from different manufacturers.


Survey failure types and recommend test procedures for ground screen connections for power cables.
Group specific activities will be broken up as follows:
1. Survey different cable and cable accessory designs and connection types
2. Provide an overview of failure types in MV (and HV) cable system components related to
overheating in ground screen connections
3. Propose a qualification test for power cable ground screen connections

Convener :
Sverre Hvidsten, SINTEF, Norway

Hans Lavoll Halvorsen, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway (2017-2019)
Kristian Solheim Thinn, SINTEF Energy Research, Norway (2019-2021)


Amir Abbas Shayegani Akmal, Technical Faculty of Teheran University, Iran
Stephane Areais, Sicame, France (2019-2021)
Graeme David Barnewall, Essential Energy, Australia
Pierre Gorecki, Sicame, France (2017-2019)
Klaus-Dieter Haim, Hochschule Zittau / Görlich (FH), Germany
Adrien Hoock, 3M, France (2018-2021)
Dominic Kleger, Pfisterer/FKH, Switzerland
Zdravko Pamic, HEP ODS d.o.o. Elektra Zagreb, Croatia
Injin Seo, KEPCO Research Institiute Power Distribution, South Korea
Philippe Singleton, Nexans, France (2021)
Christophe Tourcher, EDF, R&D Division, France
Jan Vocko, PREdistribuce a.s., Czech Republic
Zhong Zheng, North China Electric Power University, China

Click here to download the final report (ISSN 2684-1088) and here for a short summary