Monitoring and control of LV networks - WG 2019-5




LV networks have emerged as networks of significant importance in the architecture adopted for the implementation of the concept of smart grids for the following reasons: 

  • network automation and control functions expand and increasingly cover LV networks;
  • in some advanced metering infrastructures architecture options, LV networks become a key level of management of the system;
  • LV systems emerge as active agents in the management of voltage and the balancing of generation and demand;
  • LV networks management will play a major role in the implementation of energy communities and microgrids.

LV network automation is made possible by the implementation of many new features: circuit­breakers with electronic protection unit, measurements and communication, signalling from circuit-breakers/protection in case of fault, motorized circuit-breakers or switches, remote control of circuit-breakers, advanced protections, utilization of fault data for fault location, utilization of smart meter data and infrastructure, ... 


The working group will investigate: 

  • real-time remote availability of the information on the status of the network (including fault location);
  • real-time remote availability of the values of the electrical parameters (current and/or voltage);
  • smart switches, breakers and sensors for LV network; 
  • new MV/LV interface solutions; 
  • automatic and remote network reconfiguration capability;
  • flexibility of distributed resources from LV clients .

Convener :

Alvarez-Hérault Marie-Cécile, Grenoble University, France

Members :

Aubigny Christophe, Groupe Cahors, France
Davidovič Danijel, Elektro Ljubljana d.d., Slovania
Drapela Jiri, Brno University of Technology, Czech republic
Fereidunian Alireza, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran
Madureira André, INESC TEC, Portugal
Martínek Jakub, PREdistribuce a.s., Czech republic
Masaki Tsugihiko, Kansai Transmission and Distribution, Inc., Japan
Milosevic Marina, Eldistribution Vattenfall, Sweden
Morales Diego, Universidad Católica de Cuenca, Ecuador
Sanz  Markel, Iberdrola, Spain
Santos Jorge Mendes, EDP Distribuicão, Portugal
Toledo Orozco Marco,  Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
Xu Bingyin, Shandong University of Technology, China

Click here to download the final report (ISSN 2684-1088) and here for a short summary